From adult students:

“I contacted Claire for help preparing for the public service French oral examination. Claire was always well-prepared, on-time, friendly, and responsive to specific learning needs that I asked for extra help with.  She was also a delight to work with. Having passed the exam, I highly recommend her!”
Conor Smith, Immigration Lawyer

“Claire has been my French tutor for several years. Claire’s academic background as a research scientist reflects in her dedication and enjoyment of the teaching process. She brings a wonderful sense of curiosity and keen learning instinct to each session, which is highly infectious! She is open to all sorts of learning styles and abilities and works hard to prepare different lessons each week bringing variety as well as depth of understanding to each subject we tackle. And she is patient!   French is not an easy language, especially, if like myself, you are learning it late in life-and you need someone who can be patient and encouraging-Claire is that and more. She is punctual, will work to the best of her ability around your schedule and is a pleasure to be with.”

Pamela Richardson

 “I have studied French with Claire in a small group for about 4 years. During that time we met on a weekly base. She worked hard on our pronunciation and difficult French sounds. Claire speaks slowly and clearly and is easy to follow. She tailored the class to the areas we wished to cover. As adults it is difficult to acquire the correct sounds and Claire showed patience in order for us understand the language well and to improve our speech and diction. Claire found articles in French that stretched our understanding while giving us interesting pieces on French culture.”

Lee-Ann Strelzow

From parents of school students:

Fabulous teachers like you are few & far between.
You have inspired Michelle. She is so enthusiastic about the French and it warms my heart that you are so invested in your students.
Thank you!

Margaret Song

 “My youngest daughter attended French Immersion from Kindergarten to Grade 7 at Jules Quesnel. Claire tutored her in French from Grade 4 (2003) to Grade 9 (2008). Claire has shown herself to be a compassionate and dedicated educator.  She readily assessed the needs and abilities of the student.  She was able to make appropriate lessons to help the student progress at her own speed.  Her enthusiasm for working with students was apparent in the excellent rapport she established and in the relevancy and quality of her teaching materials.  Communication is one of her strong assets and reflects her integrity. Claire was also punctual and ready to teach when she arrived. On a personal note, Claire still plays an important role as a family friend. I feel confident in recommending Claire as a tutor as she has much to contribute both in French and Art.  She possesses the personal resources to make a student very successful and confident in reaching their aspirations.”

Diane Little

“Claire started tutoring my son in French from Grade 4 until to the end of Grade 10. Claire is an exceptional French tutor.  She is from France so she naturally speaks with a true French accent.  She is highly educated, having attained a PhD in a scientific field, so she has a strong verbal and written command of the French language.  Most importantly, Claire has all the requisite skills of an excellent teacher. She is very patient, especially with beginner students.  She is always punctual, well prepared and organized for each tutoring session. Her teaching style is methodical but inspiring.  She made French more than a classroom subject by recommending French language movies to my son and sending him postcards written in French from her travels. She genuinely cares about her students. My husband and I are both impressed with Claire’s abilities and are pleased to recommend her without hesitation.   ”

Helen Tsow

“Claire has been tutoring both my kids for 6 years. Being conscientious for her teaching, she provides lots of material, reference books, storybooks to increase the skills of my kids at writing, listening and speaking. My husband and I are very satisfied with their fantastic French marks at school. We also appreciate calmness and punctuality that Claire shows to us since the first day we met her.”

Peggy Tsai

“My two sons Nicholas and Thomas Sze-Mirikitani currently attend West Point Grey Academy. Claire as tutored my oldest son for eight years and my younger son for three years. I find Claire an excellent, dedicated and hard working French tutor. My two sons, in Grade Ten and Grade Six, both score from 92-95 in the high A+. This is due to Claire’s effort and she does come very prepared at every meeting.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Caroline Sze

“Claire Huguenot has been a French tutor for my son for approximately four months.  My son is in Grade 8 and goes to St. Georges School.  I have found Claire to be very knowledgeable and organized.  She is able to quickly determine what areas should be focussed on and to prepare exercises to enhance my son’s French skills. She has also been able to establish a good rapport with my son and provide him with good tips to use.”

Don Ference, PEng, MBA, CMC

(Original signed letters + phone numbers are available upon request)