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Claire Huguenot, PhD.
Private French Tutor/Translator

Private Sciences Tutor

Born and raised in France in the Champagne region, Claire has tutored French for adults and children at all levels since 2003. Claire is a registered tutor with the “French Cultural Center“ in Vancouver and “Canadian Parents for French“. She provides private tutoring and translation services for professional and private clients. Her academic education is in Sciences and she worked as a research scientist in agriculture and medical research for 16 years. She has a passion for arts and is an avid reader. She paints watercolours and creates collage multimedia art pieces and participate to craft shows with her artwork.

 As an experienced educator some of her achievements include:
  • —Bilingual public speaking engagements to share her insights and expertise on tropical agriculture.
  • —Selected to provide teachings in French and English in Marine Biology at The Vancouver Aquarium.
  • —Mandated to translate much needed heath training processes for nurses in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.
Claire’s mission as a private tutor, is to build her student’s confidence and boost their motivation towards their goal. Her academic education in sciences, with a PhD in Biochemistry, as well as her complementary training in art and general interest in French literature, allow her to create teaching material fitted to the diversity of her clients’ interests. Customizing, making it personal is her way to keep the tutoring sessions interesting both for  her students and herself.

Claire also has clearance by the Ministry of Public Safety of BC to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Claire is passionate about giving back to the community and she consistently volunteers her time to various organizations such as The Vancouver Aquarium, The Rick Hansen Foundation and Rose Charity.

Claire has worked on multiple initiatives to enhance environment sustainability including projects for the International Development Research Council of Canada. She brings her passion to the environment  to her daily work.